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Two Decades of Candle- Making

For over twenty years, the original Cowboy Candle-in-a-Can has been hand-poured in historic Cimarron.  The town’s Old West heritage and striking landscape inspire our richly colored, highly fragrant candles.  Today, owners Jim & Marianne MacGillivray, hand-pour candles featuring authentic western scents in a wide variety of containers and offer them to wholesale and retail customers worldwide.

Why Our Candles Are Special

To produce the finest quality candle for our discerning customers, we mix custom scent oils with pure paraffin wax and blend color to create a distinctive appearance for each of our thirty plus scents.  We then match the burning characteristics of each scent blend to a select zinc-cored wick to produce a hand-poured candle with cool, extended burning, yet excellent scent throw.  Finally, our packaging with colorful images and western touches adds to the fun!


All-in-One Establishment

Our location operates as a store, factory and warehouse for our candles.  We invite you to stop by and experience our candle-making process in person while you select your favorite scent and container from our shelves.  If you can’t make it in person, give us a call, we are happy to ship our candles to wherever you call home!

Experience Why Our SCENTS OF THE WEST Candles Are Truly Authentic & Unique!

Made in New Mexico

Made in USA